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What is Rota-Vision Nepal?

Still in its infancy, the Rota-Vision Nepal Project intends to supply regional hospitals in the western part of Nepal with micro- scopes and other equipment necessary for teaching the ophthalmologists in these regions. As with the TIBET VISION PROJECT, we hope to train Nepalese doctors in up-to-date techniques for the removal of cataracts. Currently the type of ophthalmic procedures being practiced in Nepal are at the 1950s level of ophthalmic medicine.

Dr. Melvyn Bert, concurrently with Rotary International and a small group of eye surgeons in Kathmandu, aims to bring the medical care in Nepal to the level of achievement the Tibetans and Chinese have experienced thanks to the the TIBET VISION PROJECT. 

There are about 5 hospitals in the region of Nepal that need assistance.  With the help of Rotary International, Dr. Bert hopes to accomplish a goal similar to the success in Tibet within a 3 year period. Support Rota-Vision Nepal by making a donation to Rotary International.