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What is the Tibet Vision Project?
The Tibet Vision Project was founded as an independent educational program to transfer ophthalmic training skills to the nine-person Eye Department in the largest hospital in Tibet, the First People's Hospital in Lhasa.The program is unique to Tibet in three ways, providing:
  • A full spectrum of formal lectures and seminars in all areas of ophthalmology, open to all eye-care workers in Lhasa
  • Hands-on clinical supervision of outpatients in all aspects of general ophthalmology, with continuity of follow-up twice a year
  • The means for Tibetan doctors to mount and staff their own "eye-camps," or, traveling surgical clinics

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Our project works closely with other aid agencies in Tibet, subsidizing cataract surgery for patients of Medicins Sans Frontières (MSF), and providing ophthalmic care for the newly established Tibetan School for Blind Children in Lhasa.  We have also provided 2-month scholarships for Tibetan doctors and nurses to train at the Tilganga Eye Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Copy of surgeons.jpg (26807 bytes) Goals....Join Us!
We have achieved our first three goals since the inception of the project:
1. The Introduction of contemporary eye-care skills.
2. The facilitation of surgical proficiency for Tibetan doctors
3. The encouragement of initiative for free eye camps
            Now, the Tibet Vision Project seeks to complete its remaining goals of sustainability and outreach.  We especially hope to maximally use the facilities of the new Eye Center in Lhasa, both to train surgeons and to service as many people as possible in the context of responsible cost recovery.  Key to these goals will be the funding for surgical supplies and teaching equipment.  Camp after camp we hope to extend our service program and the training of local eye doctors, by and for Tibetans, throughout the region....like candles lighting one another into the corners of darkness.
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The Tibet Vision Project began in September 1995, with the donation of microscopes for clinical and surgical purposes, and the introduction of modern cataract and intraocular-lens implantation training, to a Tibetan program technically arrested at a 1960s level.  Semi-annual one-month visits by the Project's volunteer ophthalmologists have provided training that has brought Lhasa's First People's Hospital to the capacity of 5,000 cataract surgeries per year.  In addition,  Tibet Vision Project volunteers conduct screening surveys and eye clinics, and demonstrate difficult cataract and glaucoma techniques at no cost to patients.
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Join the Tibet Vision Project

Direct Inquiries to:
Marc F. Lieberman, MD
Medical Director
Tibet Vision Project
10 Arbor Street
San Francisco, CA 9413

tel 415.334.4921
fax 415. 334.2740 drmarc@itsa.ucsf.edu

All donations are invaluable and are greatly appreciated.  Donations are tax deductible.  Please send your donations to the Tibet Vision Project to:
210 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
fax 408.458.3659

Tax ID # 94-228-4587

Educational Director:
Melvyn D. Bert, MD, FACS

Planning Director:
David Heiden, MD